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Pesticide Application Record Keeping Software - GPS Dataloggers for Spray Equipment - Instruction and Installation

MAP GPS Datalogger System

This waypoint capturing system can be used on ANY type of spray equipment. We have them installed on Trucks, ATV’s, Tractors, and Backpack sprayers. It is easy to install and we provide installation information with the units. You can use ANY GPS receiver that sends a NEMA output signal but we do recommend the Garmin V+. It has been proven to be very rugged and dependable.

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We have units in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Colorado. From County weed districts like Rosebud, and Yellowstone in Montana, to Private contractors like Integrated Weed Service of Forsyth in Montana.

Also with this system we sell the All Topo map system. It is the best topo map system out there! It allows you to print maps right in your office or export the files to shape files for use in Arc-view and other map systems.

For more information please email me or call 406-351-1124.

Thanks for your interest in our products.
Vince Thomas (Owner)

MAP Datalogger Close Up Picture

2 MAP Datalogger Units w/multi pad Multi-Way Point MAP Datalogger
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MAP GPS system offers...

  • Integration with PARKS PRO Application record keeping software allows for simplified record keeping.
  • The interfacing with I-Gage All Topo Maps allows for creation of a visual of the application. In a complaint or
    budgeting situation a picture is always worth 1000 words.
  • Data from the system is extremely flexible. The text-based output can be used to create maps in house using I-Gage All Topo Maps. Or imported into any mapping / GIS system that allows for ASCII waypoint file import.
  • System is very easy to use. The applicator needs only turn on the GPS unit and perform chemical application duties as they always have.
  • Create basic noxious / nuisance weed inventories without any additional labor expense.


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